July 20, 2016

About Us

iLPixel Global : A Joint Venture for Image Analysis by iGroup and LPixel

The joint venture opens up iGroup’s Global Sales and Marketing Channels to bring LPixel’s image analysis and antiplagiarism services to a worldwide audience. iLPixel Global aims to protect the research world, and provides solutions to secure the reputation of research institutions, research order, trust and ethics, and researcher’s careers.

iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd : A leading technology and information provider with a global presence.

The iGroup represents top peer reviewed journals and eBooks, provides workflow solutions for libraries and researchers and offers antiplagiarism solutions to academia and the publishing industry.

LPixel, Inc. : A pioneer of image analysis on the field of life sciences.

The LPixel team being a pioneer of image analysis from its inception in 2000 at the University of Tokyo is now a world leader in its field. To develop further its technologies and services, LPixel was incorporated in 2014. It is led by Yuki Shimahara from the Graduate School of The University of Tokyo (Life Science).