July 20, 2016

BioMed News

BioMed News of Image Manipulation or Reuse in Published Research
Heart research performed at University of Michigan and University of Chicago that received at least $780,000 in US Government Grants contained over 100 fraudulent images. It was determined “24 Western Blot images… were duplicated and falsely relabeled Western blots of unrelated experiments”.

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine researcher has entered into a Voluntary Exclusion Agreement for image fraud. “Specifically, ORI found that Respondent duplicated images, or trimmed and / or manipulated blot images from unrelated sources to obscure their origin, and relabeled them to represent different experimental results” in 8 Peer Reviewed Articles and 1 US Government NIH Grant application.

Microbiologist at Stanford University, Elisabeth Bik, et al., analyzed over 20,600 scientific articles and concluded that 782 articles (3.8%) contained an “inappropriate image manipulation”.

Research on Genetically Modified Crops that were used by an Italian Senate Hearing were found to contain intentionally altered images. After the images used in Professor Federico Infascelli’s research more more carefully examined it was suggested that it contained manipulated and reused images from previously published research without proper citation.

“The Journal of Cell Biology performed a detailed study over the past decade and, commendably, has shared this information publicly. The study found that 10% of articles accepted for publication included inappropriate manipulations of image data that contravened journal policy.”

Researcher at the Harvard Medical School affiliated Joslin Diabetes Center used copied images from published papers without proper citation. These copied images ended up in articles published by Hi Impact factor journals Blood and Nature. The research for these papers were funded by 3 different US Government Research Grants.

University of Connecticut turns down $890,000 in US Government Research Grants due to Image Fraud. The university’s special review board found ‘examples were pasted-up “artificial blots” that “bear no resemblance to any legitimate experiment” and represent total fabrications. The board also found examples of background erasure, image duplication, and images having been spliced together.’

Seoul National University Professor that has received 40 Million USD in Government Grants steps down. It was found that research that he published contained manipulated images “showing the 11 patient specific stem cell lines, had been faked”…

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