Solutions for Scientific Image Miscounduct

What is the cost to the Publishing Community, Society and to Global Research as a whole?

These are very important questions that can be addressed by reading reports of Scientific Image Manipulation, Misconduct or Reuse in published scientific studies. Incedents of misuse have occurred in even the most prestigious journals. For a list of some of these research articles, showing how serious an issue this is please here: research fraud and retractions.

Part of this scientific fraud stems from the fact that Scientific Image Manipulation and the Reuse of Images across research occurs, without proper citation or explanation.

While most high end scientific publishers have strict protocols in place for the publication of images in their papers, the task of managing these protocols is enormous and costly. Publishers receive thousands of submissions per week and a single paper can contain more than 5 images, making the verification of images a technical nightmare.

It is impossible for the human eye to peer review hundreds of thousands of images to ensure they are free from manipulation or reuse, and yet, the risk of not spotting these images and the subsequent harm it can cause is extremely damaging.

iLPixel Global is dedicated to providing solutions to research organizations/institutes, corporations and publishers to assist in the detection of Image Manipulation, Misconduct or Reuse, in order to protect the integrity of scientific research.

iLPixel Global : A Joint Venture for Image Analysis by iGroup and LPixel

The joint venture opens up iGroup’s Global Sales and Marketing Channels to bring LPixel’s image analysis and antiplagiarism services to a worldwide audience. iLPixel Global aims to protect the research world, and provides solutions to secure the reputation of research institutions, research order, trust and ethics, and researcher’s careers.

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